MAWSbin : a tool box
for processing of compressed binary data
coming from marine automatic weather stations

Following a request from E-SURFMAR, CMM (Meteo-France) developed a system to compress/uncompress the data coming from ship borne AWS stations as well as data buoys.
The aim was to take advantage from satellite telecommunication services such as Inmarsat Data Reporting and Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) to reduce the transmission costs.

By now, the system is used by more than 40 VOS fitted with a Batos AWS and by more than 20 Iridium SVP-B drifting buoys.
Morever, an experimental station called Baros is under tests aboard a French trawler.   This AWS measures the atmospheric pressure only and report through Iridium SBD.

During an exprimental phase, Meteo-France - either in Toulouse (DSI/OP) or in Brest (CMM)- processes the compressed messages, codes the data in FM13-SHIP or FM18-BUOY messages and tranfers them to TRANSMET, the service of Meteo-France in charge of putting the data onto the GTS.

Following a request from E-SURFMAR, Meteo-France places the software to process these data at NMS's disposal, under the French free software license CeCILL.

The package includes :
  1. 1. A library of functions written in C, for the data compression and uncompression, as well as the transcription in FM13-SHIP or FM18-BUOY codes.
  2. 2. The MAWSbin program (sources code in C) for uncompression/coding SHIP or BUOY reports
  3. 3. The "pilote" template files and the meta-data template files as defined, by now
  4. 4. A Web interface, MAWSconfig, which allows to manage, in an easy way, the AWS fleet and the configuration files.
  5. 5. An example of Perl script to process emails coming from AWS and to generate messages for the GTS.
  6. 6. A test data set for MAWSbin program, made of Iridium real messages from ships or buoys and an example of Perl script to test MAWSbin
  7. 7. A half compression module made of C codes sources, an example of Perl script and test scripts


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