Use this form to consult the actual location and trajectory of a dedicated platform    

BUOY(S) WMO Id :   

The google map displayed the platform positions extracted from the observations received during the last 15 days.
If a platform selected did not transmit any observations over the last 15 days, nothing is displayed.
The map will be drawn using Google Map :
  1. You may zoom in and out the map by using the appropriate links located under it.
  2. You may also zoom in twice by clicking on the map.
  3. The first point of the trajectory is displayed with an icon with number '1' and the last point (means the last position known over the last 15 days is diplayed with an icon with letter 'L'.
  4. You may want to display several platforms trajectories in the same map : to do this, in the field 'BUOY WMO Id', you must enter several WMO Id separated with a ';' character ( example : 6100789;6100790 to display in the same map, the trajectories of buoys 6100789 and 6100790).

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