Surface Marine Data QC Tool FAQs
FAQs updated on March 5, 2010.

Surface Marine Stations QC statistics Would it be possible to have comprehensible buttons to click instead of puces ?
Comprehensible buttons will be available in buoy headers soon.
Data and QC plots I can't see the data of yesterday plotted ?
The database is automatically updated daily at around 10/00 UTC. The tools must be used for QC aims, not to follow buoy data in real time.
Location on charts Is it planned to get a chart with a buoy plotted if only the Argos id is known ?
Yes. Presently, only the monthly statistics are directly available through the knowledge of Argos ids. However, you can access to charts, data and QC plots for Argos ids after using statistics first.
Nearest other buoys What are the units for distance between buoys on the "find nearest buoys" page ?
Distances aere in Nautical Miles. This should appear on the page itself soon.
Blacklist for AP When is the buoy blacklist for AP updated ?
The blacklist is updated as soon as monthly statistics carried out by ECMWF are took in account. As far as ECMWF provides them twice a month, the blacklist is updated with the same frequency. The date which appears on the left side of the list is the date of the most recent data received at Meteo-France. A old date means the AP values are no more transmitted on the GTS. For a few platforms, the data are not received (or not checked) at CMM. In these cases, blue and red balls are absent and the date is this of ECMWF statistics.
What are the criteria for the AP blacklist ?
Presently, criteria are : bias greater than 5 hPa or standard deviation greater than 3 hPa or percentage of gross errors greater than 5%.
Are there plans to have a blacklist for parameters other than AP ?
Yes, but the algorithms to identify buoys reporting dubious data will need to be more tuned. For instance, it is known that wind fields provided by models are not accurate for low latitudes. Criteria similar to these used for AP will list buoys carrying out correct wind measurements at low latitudes.
Drifting buoys ashore Although my buoy is moored, it appears in the list. Why ?
The third digit of WMO ids for drifting buoys is comprised between 5 and 9 including. Your moored buoy probably reports with an unappropriate WMO id.
What are the criteria for this "blacklist" ?
Presently, the only criterium is : drift slower than 2 nautical miles over the 10 past days (i.e. less than 0.01 knot).
Although my buoy is not ashore, it appears in the list. Why ?
Ice drifters with very slow drift can appear sometimes. Some buoys, located through a GPS, can have this device out of order too : the position is not renewed.

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