From this form, you will have access to statistical information of the data provided by databuoys and Voluntary Observing Ships received on the GTS. The procedure to fill the form is :
  1. You must exactly know either the Call Sign or the WMO Number or the Argos Id of the station : fill in the 'Platform Id' field, and change the type of Id filled if necessary.
  2. Select the Centre and the Observation Parameter you need to monitor, and confirm with the 'OK' button : you will access to the statistical information for the parameter selected and for the platform selected.
IMPORTANT NOTE :     the content of the field "Platform id" can refer to:
  1. A single station : The identification must be entered as a 7 digits if it is a number (example : '5500534' ) or a character string (example : 'Y3CW').
  2. Several stations : The range is defined by 2 stations id. Numbers are separated by an hyphen. Example : "62510-62520". Characters other than digits are not allowed.