Use this form to identify the nearest buoys stations from a given buoy platform or from a specific position measuring a given parameter    

Nearest stations ... ( Select from either a buoy WMO Id or a GPS position and fill in the according fields ) :

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    Latitude ( -90.0 up to + 90.0) and Longitude (-180.0 to +180.0 )
Parameter measured  :

This tool allows users to search for closest stations to a given station or to a given geographic position measuring a determined parameter.
The result will be presented in a table with the WMO Identifiers stations identified according to the criteria selected, the distance from the position selected, the direction, the last position and the date of the last observation received from each station. The result will show a google map with the trajectories of all the stations found over the last 15 days.
Tips to fill the query :
  1. Select the option WMO Id and enter a valid WMO ID ( 7 digits ).
  2. Select the Latitude/longitude fields and enter a latitude [-90.0 ; +90.0] and also enter a longitude [-180.0; + 180.0.]. If a field is not filled the value is automatically set to 0.0.
  3. Select the parameter measured to find the stations measuring this parameter closed to the position specified.
  4. In the google map representation, the first point of all stations trajectories is displayed with an icon with number '1' and the last point (means the last position known over the last 15 days) is displayed with an icon with letter 'L'.
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